23 Ways To Glorify God When You’re In Front Of A Kindergarten/ First Grade Church Wednesday Night Activity Class


  1. Get the kids to laugh.
  2. Help them know that they are safe.
  3. Point out the youth passages.
  4. Point out ways that individual kids are glorifying God.
  5. Encourage them to listen to what goes on in the big sanctuary.
  6. Pray with them.
  7. Show them you are interested in them.
  8. Give them things that will help them think about God at home.
  9. Get them to listen to the teachers.
  10. Get them to sing hymns, psalms and spiritual songs.
  11. Encourage them to honor their parents.
  12. Pray for them.
  13. Learn from them.
  14. Point out something surprising and happy in the bible.
  15. Point out sobering things in the bible.
  16. Encourage them to honor each other.
  17. Show them that they can have a relationship with God.
  18. Show them that they can read the bible.
  19. Honor missionaries.
  20. Honor the pastors of your church.
  21. Ask them questions.
  22. Show them what kids through history have done to glorify God.
  23. Smile.


* Or, if you like, as their small group leader