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The novel Blink, By Ted Dekker, is pretty good Christian Fiction. It has the same basic premise as the Nicholas Cage movie, Next (which is completely secular and came five years later). I generally like Cage movies, but Next isn’t his best.


The shared premise is that of a man who can see minutes, but only minutes in the future. And he can see several different scenarios. The book is better. I recommend it as entertainment, not literature. At the very least, it was a nice break after ‘Atlas Shrugged’



Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Blink – By Ted Dekker


If God exists, he knows what will happen in the future *** Mohamed was not perfect. *** Hitler was a devout Christian as much as I am a toad. *** There is only one God. *** All evidence points to the existence of a creator. *** Prayer may just be the most powerful tool mankind has. *** Dear God, help me. *** We can always hope. *** Hindus have faith in what they can’t see just as much as Jews or Christians or Muslims. So do evolutionists. You can’t convince any of them that they’re wrong, because they ignore evidence in favor of what they want to see. *** Pray to Jesus. *** The future can be changed. We can change it. God can change it. *** God’s smarter than we are. *** I will die only if God has decided I should die. *** God of Jesus, hear our prayer to you. Make a way for your will to find its end in us this day. ***  Don’t lose faith. *** Accept the will of God. *** There’s always danger. *** God is indeed great.

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