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(Do you generally agree with this?)

If you see someone in a situation* that would cause embarrassment if you gossiped about it, and if they see you seeing them – (1) decide right away not to talk about it and then (if appropriate i.e. it won’t cause more embarrassment) (2) tell them that you aren’t  going to talk about it.

* Assuming that this isn’t some dark sin that someone in authority should hear about. I’m thinking more along the lines of an inadvertent action.

Here’s what I bet you’re thinking right now (two days after the fact):

I wonder what I’d get if I went over to John Piper’s website and searched on the word Valentine.

Well, I’ll save you the trouble! And here is the warning – he has a romantic streak.


As many of you know the biopsy of my prostate was taken on our 37th anniversary and the surgery happened on Valentine’s Day. That is enough to set a lover’s heart to pondering the meaning of things.


Noël and I went downtown for a special Valentine‘s Day dinner last February 14. It was one of the many dates I have botched over the 20 years of our marriage. The restaurant I had chosen especially for her was closed. It was cold as we walked around trying to find another one. We wound up at a fast food place in the center of the city sitting by a window overlooking 8th Street.


It’s only fit that in our little span

Of married life the good and secret plan

That governs all our feasts and Valentines

Should order some to be blue sky that shines

And others gray and even ominous:

Both serve our love, and sweetly couple us.


But here’s a recommendation. Don’t “surprise” her on Valentine’s

Day, or her birthday, or an anniversary. Sure, plan something for

February 14. But a true surprise is unexpected.


If sunshine

Is a happy sign

That the divine

Is oft benign

And can design

A living shrine

And us refine

And so align

That what is mine

Is also thine,

Then you will surely not decline

To be my only Valentine

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