I have been thinking that I should put up a post describing my categories. Here goes (to get to them choose from the list at the bottom left):

Both Ways:  Describes and defends my Hyper-compatibleist twist of Calvinism. Since this is where I get the title of my blog, I really should do this more. It’s been more than a half year. I feel guilty. I’ll put one out soon.

Friday Everything : My weekly collection of euphoristic sayings from a single source. The sources are rather eclectic. Here is my set of disclaimers on the subject.

Attempts : Trying to be funny. You be the judge.

Saturday Poem: For the first several months, I posted a poem every Saturday, but I ran out of poems and I don’t write them that often. I see that’s it’s been more than a year since the last one.

Sunday Interesting Weekend: Self explanatory. This is a more recent addition and is not completely consistent.

Third Thursday Ogden: A collection of stories about a character named Ogden. See the full explanation here.

Tuesday Stand Alone Statement: A collection of observations about a variety of subjects. This has the most posts.