Caleb Szajner, a 21-year-old college student from West Lakeland Township in Washington County, died Tuesday at Regions Hospital in St. Paul after being hospitalized since Saturday, when he was injured while attempting a back flip at Trollhaugen in Dresser, Wis.

Caleb’s family spent the past few days at his bedside, ultimately making the decision to donate several of his organs. They said their religious faith has been their source of comfort since the accident.

“He ended up leaving us doing one of the things he loved doing,” said his father Amos Szajner. “Our lives are in God’s control. Nothing happens without purpose, even in this case.”

All agree that the death of a child brings about a very difficult kind of grief. This family’s testimony in the middle of this grief is extremely God-honoring.  May He walk with them and grant them peace and (sooner than they expect) joy in the coming months and years.