So what Father, who had a free weekend evening, wouldn’t take his kids out in the lovely 52 degree weather on their bikes?

Not this one!


– My wife stayed at home with our youngest for a little peace and quiet.

– I found out when we got to our desitination that the funny noise coming from our newest biker’s bike was due to very low tires. She was really having to work.

– Our destination was the nearby elementary school playground (at the school where our kids would attend if we didn’t homeschool.) It appeared that they weren’t sobered by this, as I might have thought. In any case, it’s a pretty nice playground.

– 7:45 on the first weekend of spring is perhaps too late to finish a bike trip. A Passer-by suggested we get some lights. 

– While we are flagrant in our injury prevention avoidance when it comes with trampolines, not so when it comes to bike helmets.


* Depending on your definition of this word, obviously.