– There’s two kinds of swearing – Name in Vain (NIV), and Coarse Language (CL).

 – I try not to do either of these, but NIV is a greater sin.


– I have judging issue with swearing. As soon as I hear someone swear (either kind), I immediately think “Not a real Christian – probably not saved”. I’m pretty sure this could be seen as sinful judging on my part.


– It seems to me that for all Christians, of all swearing, JC should be considered the most offensive (and blasphemous) utterance.


– I’m pretty sure that I haven’t uttered a swear word (either kind) in the last 15 years, and perhaps less than ten times in my entire life. I can tell you the story behind either of them.


– For example, I got my mouth washed out once for saying H in the wrong way.


– One or Twice I have sworn accidentally – not the word I meant to say. This is reminding me of the time when my extended family was playing Pictionary, trying to guess words and my aunt (who I have never hear swear) was unwittingly but repeatedly yelling the F word.


– Vox Day is occasionally extremely coarse and this troubles me, but I have never seen him NIV swear. This is to his credit. There are a few people like this. It is at least consistent.


– Whenever I hear a nominal Christian NIV swear, I want to ask him – It’s one of the Ten Commandments – what are you thinking?


– Am I correct in this statement? Of all of the Ten Commandments – NIV swearing is the only one that is not shown narratively in the entire Bible. In other words, people murder and commit adultery and worship idols in the Bible, but they never take the Lords Name in Vein. This seems to be to be pretty significant.


– Yet, people do NIV swear all the time in our culture. It seems to me that people who do this are being spiteful to God: “Oh, you don’t want me to say those five words? Well, then, that’s the words I’m going to say.” This seems like a very dangerous attitude.


Later this week: Thoughts about Swearing in Literature.