By the Numbers:


There was 88.88 percent representation from the JamFam in the Palm Sunday services this weekend. Only Foster didn’t enter in. Jamsco was the Palm Branch Hander-outer.


Time we were supposed to be there:: 8:00 (an hour early)


Time we were all sitting at the breakfast table :: 7:00


Hours spent in church: 5 (All enjoyable)


Kids who got to play in the percussion band: 1 (Carl – he was lead)


Three choirs sang, Debbie led the youngest choir. Joy on many faces. Jesus was praised.


By the way, our church didn’t want to have a Palm Branch Sunday processional, but we were required to by state and federal mandate. As you know, our American governments generally don’t tell churches what they must do, but this is one of the almost completely unknown exceptions. I blame the overly powerful Palm Branch lobby.