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. . . nearly a year after he died.


Several years ago we knew a family that was going through tough times and they needed a vehicle. At that time, we didn’t need two cars, so we loaned them our older mini-van.


A few weeks later we got a call from the mom, saying that the car had overheated and was dead near Fargo. The mechanic said it was unfixable. We had to drive up there (a couple weeks later) to sign it away and when we opened it up, we found lots of empty anti-freeze containers. So they had known that the vehicle had a problem and hadn’t given us the option to try to fix it.


That vehicle had been Debbie’s parents’ and it reminded her of her mom. She cried as we drove away. I experienced some regret at our decision to loan the vehicle.


So yesterday I was reading a tribute that had been written about my Dad by one of his professor peers at Bethel and he mentioned the brief period he had lived in my Dad’s house before they both got married.


It was during that time that I picked up a good life lesson from Bob. I let a pot of water boil away on the stove, and the pot was wrecked. When I apologized he just said, “Well, that’s the price of doing business.” That phrase has stuck with me; the price of doing business, of helping people, of accomplishing most things is that things get broken, wear out, burn out, and I shouldn’t get upset about that.


So I take away from this that I shouldn’t feel foolish that my helping people resulted in a loss. Loss is something to be expected. It doesn’t necessarily mean you made a wrong choice.

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