Having been a part of a bible study a time or two, I have gathered some thoughts about what can make the study time more helpful. Several of these have been learned by watching men like Dan and Bob, who have done exemplary work as study leaders.


10 Things To Do When Leading A Bible Study:


1. Come up with a list question for the bible study members (“Let’s see if we can come up with five ways that this passage suggests Jesus was  . . . “)

2. Have a big take away (or more than one)

3. Check out a commentary or two.

4. Note what the passage says about God.

5. Point out anything that is surprising in the text.

6. But also don’t be afraid of saying obvious things about it.

7. Work through the difficult parts.

8. Show the context.

9. If the members are fairly mature Christians, check out the Skeptics Annotated Bible and bring their bible-doubting comments about the passage at hand to the table.

10. Oh, and bring donuts.


Others you might add?