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Pastor John does not shy away from pointing out areas where our church and others of it’s ilk has room for improvement. But recently he pointed out one area where, historically, reformed minded people have done well.

In this week’s sermon – The Free Will of the Wind – he pointed out Phil 2:12-13

“. . . work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, 13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.”

and then said:

. . . So. Engage your will. Work. Pick up your bible. Read. Obey. Use your will to do right things. Because God is in, under that willing and doing – making it possible.

You know, those who believe these glorious truths about the sovereignty of grace in church history have not been passive people. If you ever get the notion that people who believe what I’m teaching right now from this verse become passive people . . . Watch us!

We go to the nations. We live where it’s hard to live. We stay up late and we get up early to pursue God’s will. We are not passive. We work while it is day for night comes when no man can work. We believe Phil 2:12 – Work out your salvation with fear and trembling -because . . . not although. . . Because God is at work in you. Because there is this massive initiative of our great sovereign gracious God inside of us. How can we not live with all of our might while we can? So get that out of your head, that somehow this truth produces passive people.

It never ever has.

*This isn’t from the written text of his sermon, I took it from the video (About two thirds of the way through).

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