(Idea from Abraham)

1. Killer bees are becoming more able to withstand cold – they’re moving north and they will be in Minnesota by 1977.

2. “Doy” is French for “I know”

3. I am as good at sports as anyone.

4. People stop sinning when they become adults.

5. And like has my pastor ever sinned?

6. Christ is born every December and dies every spring.

7. With the right combination of feathers, an umbrella and balloons, a person could fly.

8. It’s a wise thing to try to get your friend to understand that there is no real Santa.

9. A plane carrying you to Japan from Minnesota would fly east.

10. It’s not right that my younger brother’s name comes before mine in the alphabet. Just barely!

11. If everything were considered correctly and justly, I would be judged the best human being on earth.