For another Friday Writing Challenge.

This one is all true.


5 Year

Jamsco considers himself to be a fairly social creature, but there are a few things he requires: The ability to hear what the other people are saying and some type of conversation starter. Finding neither of these prevalent an hour and a half into his 5 year high school reunion, Jamsco decided he needed a breather.

So he went out onto the deck, which was empty and thought for a few moments. He looked at the nearby U of M buildings. It was peaceful. He debated going back in. Was there anyone in there he wanted to talk to?

But then his musings were brought to a halt by two or three of his former classmates coming out onto the deck for their smoke break. Jamsco decided it would look cowardly to take off at that point, so he smiled, greeted them and then just listened.

He listened long enough to hear Johnny FourSyllableLastName brag on the fact that no one realized at the time that he (a football player) was significantly high at their senior year homecoming game. Jamsco wondered if not getting caught that night was the biggest achievement of Johnny FSLN’s life. But perhaps Jamsco was being judgmental.

He soon went back inside.

There he headed towards the open bar. Yes, the open bar which provided free drinks and which, he estimated, had caused the night’s cost to be an extra ten dollars per person. At least he was going to get some free cokes out of the deal.

There he ran into Jerry, who was, of all the people here, the person who he knew best, since Jerry and Jamsco and had also gone to college together. Jerry was talking to James, a mostly unknown person to Jamsco, but everyone knew Jerry. Jerry had been the Senior Class President.

Jamsco had had a fairly adversarial relationship with Jerry since about the middle of college, partly due to Jerry’s affinity for telling bold face lies.

Since they were at the bar, conversation turned to drinking, and how the consumption of alcohol was forbidden for students at Jerry and Jamsco’s college. “But” stated Jerry, with a slight smile, and a wink at James (though he was speaking to Jamsco), “I heard you were quite the wild man.”

Jamsco was aware that Jerry had stated this to provoke Jamsco. It was quite false – Jamsco had not been (nor has he yet) what anyone in their right mind would describe as wild. Neither was it likely that there were any rumors to this effect. But Jamsco just smiled and let the comment pass. “There are times when it is important to defend one’s self,” he reasoned, “And this is not one of them.”

Soon the dance started and since dancing requires some amount of wildness, Jamsco did not partake. And it was not soon enough after that that he was going out with a couple friends.

And after that night it was almost one month to the day that Jerry murdered two men, one of them a state senator. But it took five months for the police to determine that it was him and take him in.

And it was five years later that Jamsco got a long letter from Jerry in prison, and their friendship was renewed. Jailtime has had some positive effects on Jerry.

Jamsco’s twenty year high school reunion was more pleasant. He brought his cute wife and enjoyed the astonished look on his former classmate’s faces when he told them about his family.

“You have . . . SIX . . . kids?”