. . . a review, sort of.

In June of 2005, well before I had a blog, I wrote, and Vox posted the “Three reasons why Vox should see Star Wars Episode 3.” 

Now I have this to say (warning – some of the links have spoilers):

11 Reasons Why Vox Should Go See Star Trek 11*

1. His reason for not liking Star Trek – Next Generation is, well let’s face it, it’s lame. Something like “I watched one episode of it and it was a ton like this other science fiction book I read once, so I said “No way!” and I never watched any other Star Trek again.”

Isn’t that like reading one chapter of, say, a book against Atheism and critiquing it on only that?

As for his given reason for not liking Trek as a whole (the “smug incoherence of a saga about a warship charged with peacefully enforcing the supremacy of its “tolerant” culture at laser point”) Well, I can only assume he got that from other people. Vox, can you ask them to show us an episode where this actually happens?  

In any case, I thought Vox didn’t care about the background message in fiction?

I suspect Vox “doesn’t fully understand that a writer’s basic objective in writing a television show seldom involves the idea of presenting an argument to the viewer”

2. The Friday Challenger liked it.

3. And Roger Ebert didn’t. (Its kind of interesting to spot all of the misconceptions that he has about a movie that he watched with his own eyes.)

4. It’s a lot like Star Wars Ep 4, which Vox liked.

5. Absolutely no Keynesian Economics espoused.

6. Lots of punching.

7. Since this one restarts the canon (and there is a possibility that much that happened in the old timeline won’t from now on) maybe now would be a good time to start paying attention.

8. Popular Mechanics says the physics are half way decent.

9. Vox admits liking TOS as a kid. My wife, too. (Me, not so much).

She was greatly entertained, while watching this movie, at seeing how the new actors were successful at taking the mannerisms of the original actors. It’s really rather clever in showing how the characters meet and become friends.

10. Speaking of which, knowing that Vox liked the LOTR movies, I should point out that this one has Eomer.   I enjoyed every scene with Bones in it.

11. I’m like Vox in that I don’t see many movies in the theatre. Babysitting costs us $40+. Still, I’m tempted to see this one in the theatre again. It is an excellent movie. Good action, good humor. Men making sacrifices are honored. I recommend it.


Back in ’05, Vox found my documentation ‘compelling’ and himself ‘wavering’, but nevertheless (as far as I know) never saw Ep 3. Perhaps this time I’ll be more successful.

What say you, Vox?

* One of the things I promised Vox when I first started this blog is that I would stand up for Star Trek. It’s high time I lived up to it.