By the numbers –

Homes graciously willing to host the JamFam: 2

We felt loved by Debbie’s side of the family and then my side of the family. We are grateful

States stayed in: 2
Attempts required to see the baby foxes on the bike trail: 2
Geocaches found: 2
Excellent Memorial day picnics: 2 (BBQ (Sunday) and Fried chicken (Monday))

Picnics: 4

Debbie and I weren’t sure what to do for supper this evening, and we were debating going on the forth picnic. I never want to force this on our kids, so I asked them what they wanted to do. I was pleased that they all wanted to go on another picnic. And it turned out very nice.
Total picnics so far this year: 22
Total Picnic at this time last year: 17
Total picnics required to beat last year’s record: 82

Chapters read out of Children’s Pilgrim’s Progress to our kids before bedtime tonight: 2