. . . i.e., someone who doesn’t like picnics.

Or should I say it this way:



Over at All Or Nothing At All, Heidi ends a long paragraph post with this statement:

“I’ll be the stick in the mud and I’ll admit I don’t like eating outside. Next time a picnic rolls around I’ll send some brownies and a note saying I have swine flu.”

Someone on the internet is saying bad stuff about one of my family’s favorite pastimes. Something must be done.

Some comments:

1. First, it looks like what’s she’s describing (or at least the part she’s not crazy about) is not so much a picnic but a potluck. And while I believe that a potluck can be enjoyable, in the right circumstances and when handled correctly, I can understand while someone with acute culinary tastes could find them less than satisfying. But don’t blame this on it’s outdoorsiness.

My advice for next time, take less. Choose your favorites.

2. It sounds like she had seating issues. I recommend that she find, purchase and then bring to the next event a lawn chair that she finds comfortable. And some of them are both cheap and quite pleasant to sit in.

3. It also sound like she really needs to read my Picnic tips.

4. To sum up, while the choice of food is important, it’s not the most important. It’s the fact that you are outside. Look at the trees. Listen to the birds. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Thank God for it all. And then take another bite of your burger that isn’t done just right and see if you don’t like it a little more.

Honestly, I think Heidi has her heart in the right place. She just needs to look at it a different way.

Okay, that sounded a little patronizing. Um, how about this?

Give Picnics Another Chance!