This evening,  for the first time ever, all 9 JamFam members went on a bike ride together. You may be wondering about 6 Month Old Foster. We strapped him into the carseat, and then strapped that into the Bike trailer and then put that behind the bike ‘chaser’, which his youngest brother rode on, and put that behind my bike.  Foster did great.

Every new experience we put him in, I imagine him thinking “I don’t pretend to have a clue about anything that happens to me. I’m just along for the ride”.   In this case it was literal.

On the way back, we stopped by good neighbor friends of ours (The A’s) and it happened to be Mr. A’s birthday, so they invited us in for dessert. Very nice.

So a very pleasant end of the weekend for us.

Picnics so far: 25 — Picnics at this time last year: 18 — Picnics required to beat last year’s record:82