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Just to let you all know –

We have finished the Fighter Verse* Song CD for Set D. It includes 30 songs with the exact words from the Fighter Verse bible passages (more than 100 verses.)  I wrote about two thirds of the songs.

And there are two ways you can get it:

1. Go to the Children Desiring God Website and buy one. The introductory price is $7.50. You can also hear sample songs at this site.

2. Come to any of the 8 services on the three campus of Bethlehem this weekend and get one for free!

Can I just say – I am very pleased with how the songs turned out. There is a nice variety of styles, musicians and a mix of kids and adults singing. The artists who helped out put so much into it and the songs are fun and helpful for memorization.

* If you want to learn more about the Fighter Verse Program, you can go to our church’s website and read about it.

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