This weekend (Sunday Evening) I competed against 6 worthy opponents and emerged victorious.

My kids and I have a wrestling game (I’ve mentioned this before) where I get on the floor and the six older kids (Foster, at six months, I deem too small) get on me and try to keep me from getting away.

The spoken rules are: no tickling or hitting (on the kids part as well as mine)

The spoken warning: They will probably feel pain when a brother jumps on top of them trying to position themselves to better entangle me.

The unspoken rule: I work to see to it that they don’t get injured.

I give them a minute to position themselves. One on each arm, one on each leg and two on my chest. And they say ‘go’ and I work to stand up. It is hard work.

This weekend it took me 8 minutes and 20 seconds to get them all off me. Daniel timed it.

The two youngest cried (at different points) for a half minute or so after getting pummeled in some way that hurt, but both soon joined back in.

Did I mention that it’s hard work? I was tired.

Someday my kids will be able to prevent me from escaping their loving clutches. But today is not that day.

Maybe when Foster is old enough to join in.

Picnics So Far:: 28 — Picnics at this point last year ::22 — Picnics to beat last years total :: 82