I was proud of my kids as the six oldest sat very nicely in the second row while Debbie and I sang in church choir for 35 minutes.

Even though it was rainy, my wife cheerfully agreed to a State Park Geocache search (O’Brien).  It was a tricky multi cache search, but of course Anna found it with no problem.

We had an experience which I have wished for.  We watched a storm from the shelter of overhanging rocks as we stood at the base of a cliff over looking the St. Croix river.  It made my kids nervous, but I loved the serenity of watching it from natural shelter.

For those of you who are North Shore Fans, did you know there’s a Betty’s Pies in Mahtomedi? There is.

Picnics so far: 34.  Picnics this time last year: 30.

Picnics required to beat last years record: 82.