From this weeks sermon (video).

Now . . . I can see it on your faces. In a pluralistic, multicultural, shrinking world, like ours, this will be harder and harder and harder to believe. Because they’re not just in Africa and Asia, they are right next door. Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims and Jewish people.

You know them at work, they’re you’re friends for goodness sake, and you want them to be. And when they ask you: “So, you’re saying . . . if I don’t embrace your Jesus, you think I’m going to go to hell?”

What are you going to say right there? “Well, it’s kind of complex and there are disagreements in the church and there are a lot of scholars and a lot of opinions and . . .” Weasel, weasel, weasel!

We got out of that, right? We are done with that, we are done with that!

We are real! With tears rolling down our faces: “I don’t want to believe that about you. I want you with me. I’m just a beggar. I have nothing. I’m nothing! Jesus came into the world to save everybody. He wants Samaritans and Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and every race and ethnicity and socioeconomic – He wants us – he’s reaching out. I’m talking to right you now, I want you in heaven with me.”

Go there. Don’t get into an argument. Go there. Plead. So that they see – This is not an argument. This is not about “Look, which mountain?” This is not about mountains. This is about Christ, God’s Son came on a rescue mission to every religion.