– If you’re lighting a flair for the lake association’s traditional lake-wide flair lighting event, light it away from your sandled foot or you might get burning wax on your foot that will stick and cause a unique looking burn spot that hurts when you wear shoes.

– One time that it’s not great to have a lot of kids is when you’re packing for a long weekend.

– One time that it’s great to have a lot of kids is when they have great fun by themselves while swimming.

– You will continue to feel guilty every time you don’t swim with your kids.

– Finding the official geocache hidden at Wild River State Park takes about 1 ¼ hours and is about  1 ½ mile hike.

– There is more joy doing things with your kids if they are able to take leadership roles.

– Judging by the extremely impressive fireworks all the way around the lake, the economic downturn has not hit cabin owners in the Grantsburg, WI area.

– Even though they are only one fiftieth as cool as the other fireworks (which almost certainly cost hundreds of dollars, it’s still cool to light off your own $2.50 set of roman candles.

– Other pastors have good sermons based on the book of John.

– There is an interesting link between the Declaration of Independence and Declaration of Righteousness on the saved soul. See George Washington’s letter written July 3, 1776.

– Finding the official geocache at Interstate State Park takes about ten minutes and you don’t need a GPS if you talk to the right person there.