Not the whole weekend, just one moment and the aftermath of the realization.

We regularly get food in bulk from farms and co-ops and drop-offs and Thursday evening I brought home a frozen quarter cow (a fourth of the meat from one cow) and we took it from my trunk and put it in our big freezer.

And Saturday at 10:00 I discovered that I had neglected to remember that I’d put two large boxes in the back seat of the car (i.e. not the trunk). It was no longer frozen when I discovered it. About $200 worth. Gone, just like that.  Ahhh!

Now 200 isn’t killer but it’s a big amount. And I wouldn’t mind so much losing it to accident or theft. But losing it due to my own foolishness it a tough pill to swallow.

I had to remind myself that it’s not as bad as, say, having a kid in the hospital or many other really bad things that could be happening today. 

A side bummer about it is that quite a bit of meat juice dripped onto (and into) our back seat. I have no idea how much but it could be a significant amount. And now the car smells.  For how long, we wonder?