We use cloth diapers. Mostly because it’s cheaper but also because it means we’re throwing less away. But cloth diaper companies will say there is a third advantage: Cloth diaper children are toilet trained on average a half year to a year earlier than disposable diaper children – or so they say.

The thought as to the reason behind this (I believe) is two-fold – parents don’t like dealing with Cloth diapers and children feel less comfortable with them, so both have a vested interest in getting beyond that stage as early as possible.

So the product benefit is actually a result of negative aspects of the product.

This got me thinking. Why don’t other products do this?

For example, a vacation rental place that isn’t very pleasant. Well, at least you will be pleased to get home after your vacation. And you make you feel like your home is nicer after a week at our place.

Or not-so-tasty ice cream – you’ll want to eat less, and it might help you lose weight.

Or televisions that don’t work well – your kids will want to spend more time outside!

I think this is a facet of marketing too often neglected. Ad companies, take note.

Can you think of other products that could benefit from this method?