It’s been just over a half year since my last semi-annual Song Meme so . . .

So you’re in an elevator by yourself and it jams and you’re stuck. A voice comes over the elevator speaker and says:

We are working to get you out. This should take about an hour, during which we won’t be able to communicate with you. In the meantime, you can listen to music. But unfortunately you’ll only be able to listen to one song. Here are your options: 

Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” or any song by X (an artist/band/musician). Please choose the song.

They give you 15 seconds to answer. You can say ‘Tiptoe’, name a song by the group or if you just want a random song by the named group, or say ‘Surprise me.’ <with this caveat, I know that some of you are of the sort <coughbraham> to <coughiper> say ‘Surprise me’ to all of them. So I hearby put on this limit – You can only answer ‘Surprise me’ to three of them.>

So which song would you say if they asked ‘Tiptoe’ or a song from . . .




Michael W Smith?



Billy Joel?

Beach Boys?

Michael Jackson?


Paul McCartney?

Bruce Springfield?

Electric Light Orchestra?

Next: Add some other bands/artists and give your answers.

(My answers in the comments)

Update: Vox Day (and several others) put up their answers here.