I like my work and I like my coworkers – they are creative, intelligent and they make me laugh. These are actual quotes that I have collected from meetings.

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From My Coworkers

I believe in Revenge. That’s a good motto of mine. *** If you can’t keep up, you fall behind. *** It isn’t just ‘Pull the pickles off’. Report production isn’t as easy as fast food. *** I submit to you that if we have a car with three wheels at the end of August, we will give it to them. Just: ‘Everybody lean this way!’ *** Anything is better than nothing. *** We are one team; we’re just offensive and defensive. *** Change because of the outside world? I don’t think so. *** That might be easy for the common person to say, but it’s not necessarily true in my little world *** It’s never my fault. It’s always the data. *** It would be nice if we were perfect *** You need to start with the basics and pull the string. “A cow goes ‘moo’.” And then you got something. *** Some of these names suck. I don’t want to tell my daughters what my title is right now. *** When I noticed it, I was afraid that something was wrong, but of course it wasn’t; we don’t do wrong things here. *** I get red when I’m angry, I get red when I’m wrong, I get red when I’m laughing . . . I just get red *** We have to be an exemplary example. *** ‘Is December there, yet?’, “Hang on, let me check. DECEMBER? DECEMBER? No, December’s not here today – called in sick.” *** I can’t believe I’m sitting here and breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide when things like this are going on. *** If they know that, then they probably already know that. *** Ask not what your programmer can do for you. *** We’re all victims of Data.