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Ogden asked me to forward this to all of you.

To: RCS&DOASM Organization

From: B. Moss – Supply Chain Services – 225-7N-09


It is a pleasure to announce the appointment of Sommerset Bickner to the position of Redbrick Operation Supply Systems Manager, Supply & Redbrick Materials Operations Divisional Management, Demand Chain Process Services, effective May 15, 2001. He will report to Ogden Fenfert.

In this position, Sommerset will be responsible for the design, implementation, testing, development, direction, organization, management, deployment, maintenance and design of our transportation, supply, purchasing and manufacturing redbrick systems processes and will directly supervise the Supply Management Systems Organization Process Supervisory Administration Team. Sommerset and his team will work closely with Division Center Marketing Plan Divisional Management and Area Demand Chain Regional Systems Operators to provide effective and robust processes and charge-groups in support of business requirements.

Sommerset joined the Company in Fipsburg, Idaho in the September of 1982 and since that time has held positions of increasing responsibility including Sweeping, Driving, Chair Management, and Customer Service Supervisory Advisement Appointments for Eyeware Materials & Product Directorial Control for CSTD. In 1987, he took a year off from this position to play the role of the King in Broadway’s “The King and I”. In 1994, he was appointed Supply Management Directional Operations Lead Project Leader, Corporate Regional Supply/Demand Chain Management and assumed his most recent position as Supply Lead Management Operations Managing Director, CHIN in 1998. It was in this role, when in 1999, Sommerset became well known in the company for making the bold statement: We should try to increase sales!

Sommerset has a B.S. in Garden Administration, a certificate in Developmental Developmentation, a Doctorate in Nursing and is APITS certified. At no time in his career has Sommerset been incarcerated for felonies committed in the state of Minnesota.

Sommerset will report to the author, until Ogden Fenfert finishes his current project (The Administrative System of Systems Administration,) at which point Sommerset will report to Ogden, as stated above.

Sommerset will be located in building 225-6W-12.

Please join me in congratulating Sommerset and extending to him your support and cooperation in this important assignment.

Berance Moss
Redbrick Computing System & Departmental Operation Administration Systems Management,
Demand Chain Administrative Logistics Operations Process Development Management and Services