1. My beloved wife can bike 11 miles on the hilly Superior Gitchi Gami Trail to no ill effect.

2. If you’re choosing between biking from Gooseberry to Split Rock State park or the other way around choose Gooseberry to Split Rock. You’ll get more downhill time.

3. Even after multiple times of being in a favorite state park, you can still find excellent areas that are easy to get to.

4. Banning State park on the way up to Duluth is right off the highway and it is one of the better state parks. We recommend it.

5. It’s great to be leaving a vacation spot on Labor Day Friday as everyone is arriving.

6. My wife and I don’t get sick of talking to each other.

7. A pleasant thing to do on an anniversary trip is to read your journal entry from the days just before, on and after your wedding day.

8. So it’s good I wrote it all down 15 years ago.

9. You can miss your kids and be glad that you don’t have them with you at the same time.

10. I never get sick of being near Lake Superior. I find myself feeling bad for those people who don’t live near enough to it to reasonably vacation there. Okay, assuming they don’t live near an ocean.

11. The Wild Rice Porridge at the Vanilla Bean Café in Two Harbors is awesome. Try it.

* You might be wondering why I don’t say something like “I have a wonderful wife” or “God has greatly blessed me.” Yeah, like I didn’t know that before.