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Young Piper Made me laugh today.

 His comment on the verse that begins with “Greater love hath no man than this. . . “:

 I’d guess that sentence has never been naturally uttered by anyone in modern (or close to modern) English. It would be like saying, “Greater deal has no business than this, that a restaurant give free chips and salsa to customers.”

True enough. But note that he puts the onus on the translator to get it right. Maybe it’s our responsibility as English communicators to continue using these phrase structures. I mean, we make extreme judgments all the time, we just need to say it right.

So as a service to my readers, I’ve provided ten suggestions that you could use in everyday language to keep this stylism alive. It’s up to us!

  • Greater taste has no potato salad than this, that a potato salad is made with onions that are mild and has no sweet relish.
  • Greater skill has no programmer than this, that his programs do exactly what the specifications say or even more.
  • Greater ease has no bike trail than this, that a bike trail is mostly level and with no inclines.
  • Greater coolness has no Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back scene than this, that the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back scene is the one with all the asteroids.
  • Greater regret has no Minnesota voter than this, that the voter voted for Jesse ‘The Mind’ Ventura.
  • Greater dorkiness has no awkward teenager than this, that the teenager has his shirt buttoned all the way to the top and crooked glasses.
  • Greater popularity has no dad than this, that the dad surprises everyone in the car with the statement, “Let’s go to Culvers!”
  • Greater popularity has no congress than this, that the congress surprises everyone in the country with the statement, “Let’s give free money to people who buy cars!”
  • Greater awesomeness has no Bible verse memorization tool than this, that the memorization tool is an accapella song.
  • Greater annoyingness has no blogger than this,  that the blogger piggybacks on a funny statement made by a much more widely read other blogger and uses it for his own post in hopes to get more readers.

 Do you have suggestions for how we could help out the NIV in this way?  It’s for a good cause.

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