This is a part of the Halloween Friday Challenge  story writing contest.

Warning: For many of my regular readers, this may be seen as containing fairly dark. Please feel free to skip it.

Comment: My thought is that this is a Halloween story that Bane might have liked, except that it isn’t dark enough.


Local Haunted Yard Decorating Man Has Heart Attack, Dies In Front of Chuckling Onlookers

As horrific Halloween lawn decorator Derrick Nooly experienced an acute myocardial infarction for nearly twenty minutes last Friday in his own yard, roughly twenty visitors watched amused and did nothing, apparently thinking that he was acting the part of a zombie or deranged murderer.

“We thought his staggering and moaning was his attempt at playing an undead homeowner,” recollected witness Joanie Mortor, who arrived on the scene, along with several others, in a Limo as a part of a “Really Frightening Yards” tour of several homes in the metro area, “and we all thought he was doing a great job, managing to keep his balance while walking so off kilter.”

Reconstructing the scene, investigators have determined that setting up twenty gravestones, nearly a dozen orange flashing light strings, and distributing the severed heads, skeletons, giant spiders, mutant aliens and other terrifying items around his yard put too much stress on his system. They believe this is what started the infarction.

“We’ve lost a legend” stated Vince Vincent, President of the Association of Creepy House Decorators Of America (ACHDA). “No one knew how to create bloodcurdling visions of apocalyptic dread like Derrick. He has caused untold nightmares for hundreds who happened to drive past his home in late October for the past fifteen years.  And home prices in the neighborhood have never been cheaper!”

Nooly was pronounced dead in the ambulance on the way to Veteran’s Hospital.


No, I don’t like those yards.

Alright, if this is too dark for you, consider this Coda to the story:

Correction:  Derrick Nooly recovered and did not die in the Ambulance, as was recorded in Tuesday’s Metro Section, but actually is doing fairly well at Veteran’s Hospital. He is expecting to make a full recovery. Our Editors regret any sorrow caused by our error.