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Last week I was listening to MPR on the way to work and I hear an interview on Midmorning with Richard Dawkins that on the webpage is described like this:

A vociferous defender of Darwin, Richard Dawkins has a new book that lists the evidence that the theory of evolution explains how life on Earth came to be.

Quite interesting and fairly respectable until around the ten minute mark where he says –

I’m not really attempting to convert those people who are simply, totally shutting their ears because they’ve been brainwashed into believing the Bible is literally true. I’m interested in showing people the evidence who are interested in this and might use it as ammunition, as you say, arguing with these wingnuts who believe the Bible is literally true.

. . . I’d like to hope that my book will start a discussion and maybe people who read the book will talk about it to their relatives, to their friends who are benighted in this way and really do think that a particular book, written by a tribe of bronze age goat herders with no knowledge at all of science . . .

First, is there anyone else on earth that believes that Genesis (where the Creation story is) was written by a goat herder?

And secondly . . .

Okay, let’s say a man is on trial for murder and the defense puts up a forensic expert that shows that based on the man’s height and gunpowder residue and bullet trajectory and the position of the victim’s body,  the man on trial could not have shot the other man.

Then the prosecution brings forth a witness who testifies that he happened to be looking through the window and saw the man on trial shoot the other.

The defense might say “You’re lying” or “He can’t be trusted” or “You weren’t even in the right county at the time of the murder”. But here’s what the defense won’t say:

“You know nothing of science.”

Because who cares what the witness knows of science. He saw the murder happen.

That’s what Bible believers proport to have in the Bible – access to an eyewitness.

Now Mr. Dawkins can say that the eyewitness is not credible, or biased or doesn’t exist. But it is redicuous for him to say that the Biblical Authors know nothing of science.


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