This is a paperback I picked up at a used book sale at work. It’s a techno-thriller from the 90s. I don’t recommend it, but it was interesting to see how computers have changed since then. There are quite a few notable comments here about computers and programming

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From The Fools Run By John Sandford

We have an abundance of good-looking blondes in Minnesota *** If you leave bad paintings laying around they end up on walls. *** A good guy, Occam. *** Power to the people. *** A war is business by other means. *** Dreamers lose track of what’s going on around them; Dreamers try to outrun bullets and outshoot cops. They move from one act to the next with no assessment of consequence. *** Personal cars are invisible in America as long as you don’t buy gas on credit cards or get traffic tickets. *** A computer attack on a major corporation is a technological-age nightmare. If word of a corporate war got out to the computer community the reaction could be violent. Some unpleasant people could come looking. *** Think about the money. *** Always be alert. America needs more lerts. *** There’s a technique for following another car. You never get too close. You stay in an adjacent lane rather than directly behind the car you’re following, and you memorize the other cars taillights. A good surveillance man will risk losing the car before he risks being spotted. *** I couldn’t do computers. I mean it sounds neat, but it really just sitting in front of a TV tub and pushing buttons. *** Nothing is completely okay. *** Computer programming can be as beautiful and complicated as a tree, as compelling as the best painting. Programmers admire each other’s code. They talk like rock climbers: That was a very difficult pitch, and look how he did it – with style. *** A good programmer uses a computer’s potential to create worlds where other people will live. *** Anytime you build a complicated electronic machine there are always mistakes. *** Computers are the water engineers swim in. They don’t question the answers the get from a computers any more than a fish questions water. They know the computer is correct: the problem must be elsewhere. ***  You never carry plastic explosives in your teeth.