So yesterday I watched “Over The Hedge” with my kids and it’s a pretty good movie, but one of the better parts of the movie is music created and performed by song-writer Ben Folds. A good mix of Joy and Sadness. And Keyboards and Low Brass. And Humor and Irony.

So I looked him up on youtube . . .

. . . and my first thought was “Why haven’t I heard of this guy before?”

My second thought was “Boy, I wish this guy wasn’t so coarse and sometimes offensive.”

I can hardly recommend him. But his music is exactly the kind I like.

So here’s my Tuesday Stand Alone Statement:

I pray that Ben Folds becomes a Christian

Yes, I know – some of you are thinking “Y’know, if he becomes a Christian, he might lose his angst and his muse and stuff and not be able to make good songs like the one you like”

Yeah, like I’m going to go with that – “Well, he might be going to Hell, but at least the world will get some great music out of the deal.”