The Jamison’s spent the week in Arkansas. Here’s what I learned:

1. Kids can be so interested in seeing their cousins that they don’t want to stop and eat meals.

2. Kids who have been in recording sessions several times (over 3 years) get the hang of it and make quick work of a long complex song – especially if you have a talented sound guy.

3. 15 people can sit in a small trailer pulled by a tractor and really enjoy it.

4. Petit Jean State Park (Arkansas – just west of Little Rock) is the nicest state park I’ve been to (south of Minnesota).

5. It’s nice to be a 4 year old girl’s favorite uncle, even if it’s only for a week.

6. 2 boys (aged 9) can almost single handedly make pancakes for two large families.

7. Two large families can in one day polish off a 9 cup-of-flour recipe of pancakes and 6 Pizza Hut pizzas.

8. Kids can get sick of fast food.

9. A 6 year old boy can go from being afraid to jump into the pool to not wanting to stop jumping into the pool in about 3 minutes.

10. It is possible for a family of 9 to sleep in a hotel suite for 9 hours straight, especially after several late nights, 8 hours of travel and swimming.

11. One of the covered “Bridges of Madison County” is only about ¾ miles from Interstate 35. It’s cool to walk through.

I would have said “Our family is blessed by God in many many ways”, but I already knew that.