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1. Put a third (or a half?) of your content in the title.

2. Hyphens, contractions and de-contracted contractions.

3. If your resulting post is slightly cryptic, don’t matter nothing: Wait for someone to comment and then explain yourself in your response to it.

4. Put up disclaimers.

5. Make a list of that number of things.

6. Link to other posts. Let the reader get most of the content there.

7. Go with Recipes.

8. Always keep an eye out for good midsize quotes that you can use as a post.

9. Ask for help from others.

10. Can you mine emails that have been sent to you?

11. One word: Poetry.

There are times when an act of betrayal is not sinful.

 Quick Question. What opinion is shared by Christopher Hitchens, New Atheist and Vox Day, he who is well known for going all hateful on the New Atheists?

Both eschew “Happy Holidays” and prefer “Merry Christmas”.

Well, if two such diverse minds agree on this issue, who am I to differ.

Merry Christmas, Responsible Puppet Readers!

If last year you (A) received a Christmas present from a cousin or aunt and (B) have used or enjoyed this present much, and (C) will be seeing them again this year – make sure you tell them this. You may bring a bonus moment of joy and peace to a subset of your family as you gather.


Wow.   Just . . . Wow.

I shall now make comment as if I’m an authority and/or you care about my opinion:



Feliz Navidad

This is ridiculous. Jamsco, how could you like this song? It’s repetitious, you have no idea what the words mean, it doesn’t sound like a Christmas song at all and . . . did I mention it’s repetitious?

All true. Nevertheless, I sing at the top of my lungs.

Wonderful Christmas Time

It’s Paul McCartney! It’s boppy. It’s got ding dong dings. Okay, the twangy offbeat keyboard is a bit twangy and troublesomely offbeat, but I can overlook it. Listen to the little side things he ooo’s.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I’m a sucker for the slow start and then kick it down introduction. C’mon, you can overlook that it’s Mariah.

Wizards Of Winter – TransSiberian Orchestra

My son heard this on the way home during our Thanksgiving Trip and played it on the computer the entire next day. It must be a kick to perform.



I’ve already mentioned the worst Christmas song ever.

Little Drummer Boy/ Peace On Earth.

Just about as pretentious as any Christmas song can get. “Every child must be made to care” What?

So This Is Christmas – Lennon

“We Hope It’s A Good One . . . without any tears” Not excellent song writing. And what’s up with the swirly lady voice? Is that Yoko?

Christmas Time Is Here – Peanuts Christmas Special

Someday you might be asked this question:

Is it possible to take these lyrics: ‘Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer, fun for all that children call their favorite time of year’ and still make a song that is dismal, dreary and depressing?

 If indeed you are ever asked that, having heard this song, you can answer with a resounding “Yes!”


More to come later, perhaps.

. . . who said this last weekend:

Bacon should not be crunchy.

The Return Of The Great Depression

1. It includes a simply told, but not simplistic account of the last 25 years in global economic history.

2. If you know nothing about economics (which I didn’t), the Glossary alone is worth the price of the book.

4. If you do not know nothing about economics, this book has a good primer on Austrian Economic Theory – which you may have never heard of, but probably should acquaint yourself with.

3. Are you thinking that nothing can stop our economic prospects from getting better? This book is a study on why you may be wrong.

5. If you ever found yourself wishing to read an epic poem that was an apocalyptic parable about the modern economic situation, this book is the place.

6. Absolutely no nearly-unclad women on the cover, unlike other books I could mention.

7. Also, no plugs for Open Theism. (Or maybe I missed them?)

8. The Author was wisely willing to consider that his thesis (We are only in the beginning of a new Great Depression) is wrong and posted several potential statistics that would be evidence of his error.

9. For one Brief and Shining Moment it was the Number 1 ‘Mover and Shaker” over at Amazon.

10. Can you find the Bill Murray Reference?

11. You want to have the complete Vox Day / Theo Beale Collection, don’t you? Quick Trivia Question: Which book could Jamsco not find in time to include in this photo?

. . . It is here.

What, you think you have to wait until the 25th to experience the Joy of Christ’s Birth, or worship the Baby in the Manger?

No. Seize the early December day.

Are you shopping for presents? Use this time to reflect on the gifts given to you.

Are you listening to Christmas music on the radio? Enjoy the fact that secular artists are singing truths about Jesus.*

Are you practicing choir music at church? Think about the words.

Are you looking at neighborhoods with spectacular Christmas lights? Ponder the One who came as the Light of the World.

Now is the time.

Update: Chris added some excellent ideas to the list – does anyone else have suggestions?

It’s not trespassing if security says to you, “Okay, go on in.”

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