The Return Of The Great Depression

1. It includes a simply told, but not simplistic account of the last 25 years in global economic history.

2. If you know nothing about economics (which I didn’t), the Glossary alone is worth the price of the book.

4. If you do not know nothing about economics, this book has a good primer on Austrian Economic Theory – which you may have never heard of, but probably should acquaint yourself with.

3. Are you thinking that nothing can stop our economic prospects from getting better? This book is a study on why you may be wrong.

5. If you ever found yourself wishing to read an epic poem that was an apocalyptic parable about the modern economic situation, this book is the place.

6. Absolutely no nearly-unclad women on the cover, unlike other books I could mention.

7. Also, no plugs for Open Theism. (Or maybe I missed them?)

8. The Author was wisely willing to consider that his thesis (We are only in the beginning of a new Great Depression) is wrong and posted several potential statistics that would be evidence of his error.

9. For one Brief and Shining Moment it was the Number 1 ‘Mover and Shaker” over at Amazon.

10. Can you find the Bill Murray Reference?

11. You want to have the complete Vox Day / Theo Beale Collection, don’t you? Quick Trivia Question: Which book could Jamsco not find in time to include in this photo?