I shall now make comment as if I’m an authority and/or you care about my opinion:



Feliz Navidad

This is ridiculous. Jamsco, how could you like this song? It’s repetitious, you have no idea what the words mean, it doesn’t sound like a Christmas song at all and . . . did I mention it’s repetitious?

All true. Nevertheless, I sing at the top of my lungs.

Wonderful Christmas Time

It’s Paul McCartney! It’s boppy. It’s got ding dong dings. Okay, the twangy offbeat keyboard is a bit twangy and troublesomely offbeat, but I can overlook it. Listen to the little side things he ooo’s.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I’m a sucker for the slow start and then kick it down introduction. C’mon, you can overlook that it’s Mariah.

Wizards Of Winter – TransSiberian Orchestra

My son heard this on the way home during our Thanksgiving Trip and played it on the computer the entire next day. It must be a kick to perform.



I’ve already mentioned the worst Christmas song ever.

Little Drummer Boy/ Peace On Earth.

Just about as pretentious as any Christmas song can get. “Every child must be made to care” What?

So This Is Christmas – Lennon

“We Hope It’s A Good One . . . without any tears” Not excellent song writing. And what’s up with the swirly lady voice? Is that Yoko?

Christmas Time Is Here – Peanuts Christmas Special

Someday you might be asked this question:

Is it possible to take these lyrics: ‘Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer, fun for all that children call their favorite time of year’ and still make a song that is dismal, dreary and depressing?

 If indeed you are ever asked that, having heard this song, you can answer with a resounding “Yes!”


More to come later, perhaps.