—- Short on time? Skip to the bottom two lists. They’re my main point. —

So all of my adult life (starting right after college) whenever I went to the grocery store, I’d get a big bag of hard candy, mostly mints. People knew me as the guy to ask if they needed a mint. Every morning I put three or four in my pocket and eat them during the day. My kids had a name for the container that I kept on the high shelf – Daddy Candy.

And then six years ago as a new years resolution, I stopped doing this. My reason was this – it seemed like every two or three weeks, I’d get a sore throat/cold/cough/headache sickness. I wondered if all of the sugar was hurting my immune system or something. So I stopped. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a piece of hard candy since. And I have been more healthy. That year I went four or five months with no illness whatsoever. And to this day, I don’t seem to be hit as often, nor as hard by illness.

I have credited this to consuming significantly less sugar.

But here’s what makes me nervous about that postulate. Our bodies are changing all the time. We go through phases that come in and out of our lives. What if I just happened to be leaving the Often-Sick part of my life at the same period that I stopped eating hard candy?

We think things go like this:
1. Problem is caused by behavior.
2. We stop behavior.
3. Problem goes away.

But what if it really is like this:
1. We have a problem.
2. We try several things to fix problem.
3. Problem goes away on its own because we’re leaving that phase.
4. We give the credit for the solution to the most recent fix attempt.

The unanswerable question is – how often does this happen?