Striking Words From Last Week’s Sermon (but not found in the text)


This is a strange place to minister. The biggest Hindu temple in America’s here. Eckankar is here. They plan to build a forty-two million dollar mosque here. Something strange is going on in Minneapolis. A very dynamic Christian location and pagan throughout.

It’s just a very strange thing here that we Christians should be keyed up for. It’s like Ephasus. Or Tarsus or Antioch.

Sometime people say, “Whoah, what’s happening to America?” and you say, “Well, it’s like when the church exploded in the first century, that’s what it’s like!

Just pagan and pluralistic and debauched. Yes! There’s a place to minister!

They say “Oh, what happened to our America?”

Be careful lest you turn America into your kingdom. We’re citizens of Heaven. And we want to be salt and light and if God would be pleased to bring great revival that affected all branches of culture so be it. I’m not counting on it.

I pray toward it. I stand the window in my study and look at that city there, less than a mile away, and I pray “God, rock it! Rock that city with the Holy Spirit. May the Christians in this city – there’s so many of them – open their mouths with boldness and speak the Gospel into peoples lives and move by your spirit and take this city!”

I do pray prayers like that. But that sort of Mega-Corporate-Culture-Altering thing happening is not what I’m about. I’m about faithfulness to the word of God.

And in the Bible, my eschatology says it’s going to be pretty bleak at the end. And I want people to stand, and having done all, to Stand! When there’s only ten of you in the city.

So I don’t know what God’s going to do. Let’s pray for great glorious moves of his spirit, not moves of men but moves of God.