I feel like I haven’t had a hard life, nor have I done really hard things.

People* who have done these things have done harder things than I have ever done:

  1. Giving Birth
  2. Quitting smoking
  3. Getting a doctorate
  4. Being a missionary
  5. Jogging a Marathon
  6. Starting up a new business
  7. Giving up a baby for adoption
  8. Committing Walking-up-to-a-stranger Evangelism
  9. Trying to get back into normal life after losing a child
  10. Moving to a place where a different language is spoken
  11. Breaking off a relationship with someone you love because you think it is not God’s will

I feel respect for these people.

What hard things could you add to this list?

* I mean they’ve chosen to do them. My First Dad died when I was 10. That was hard, but I didn’t choose to go through it. I am talking here about people who have decided to do these hard things.