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I thought I’d start a list of all of the blogs run by Bethlehem Baptist Church attenders. It is certainly incomplete.

I have tried to identify people as they have identified themselves.

Update: The list is now up to 40.

Please let me know if you have any blogs that I should add to this list, or any that I should take off or edit.

Name Blog Name URL
Abigail Abigail’s Leftovers
Abraham Piper Downhill Both Ways
Abraham Piper Twentytwo Words
Amy K Splintered Kindling
Andy Gammons The Gammons Fam
Anthony Bushnell Fully Alive In Christ!
Brian Tabb Bible Arc Blog
Caryn Defining Moments
Corrie Ayers To Run And Not Grow Weary
Halmar Living By Faith
Harlan Paulson Means To Protect A Christian Marriage
Harlan Paulson Singing and Praying the Psalms of David
Jessica Melling Ten Digit Lumber
Jan Not Easy Being Green
Jenifer 3Here1There
Jenna All The Way Home
John Knight The Works Of God
John Piper Desiring God
Jonathan Parnell Bible Arc Blog
Josh Lewis Blog: Josh Lewis
Melissa Tending The Home Fires
Not Just An Ordinary Life Julie Martindale
Kanowitz Desired Haven
Kenny Stokes Wilderness Mercies
Mary Decker DakarDeckers
Matt Taylor Taylormatthews
Mike Tong Never Hoot Alone
Molly Piper Molly Piper
Noel Piper Noel Piper
Patty Broberg The Broberg Family
Phil Carlson philthecarl
Phil Carlson thecarpenterman
Rob Hulson Rob Hulson
Ryan Golias Fighter Verses
Ryan Golias The Renewed Imagination
Sam Crabtree Pastor Sam’s Blog
Sara Shull Treasure From The Junk Drawer
Scott J The Blog Of Scott
Scott Jamison Reponsible Father
Scott Jamison The Responsible Puppet
Shaun Tabatt Bible Geek Gone Wild
Steph Lewis Steph Lewis
Team Global Diaconate
Tyler Kenney Fighter Verses
Yvette Hatchlings
Grace In Focus
And a couple blogs from people who were recently Bethlehem Members
Dorothy Urban Servant
Bob Hayton Fundamentally Reformed

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