I thought I’d start a list of all of the blogs run by Bethlehem Baptist Church attenders. It is certainly incomplete.

I have tried to identify people as they have identified themselves.

Update: The list is now up to 40.

Please let me know if you have any blogs that I should add to this list, or any that I should take off or edit.


Name Blog Name URL
Abigail Abigail’s Leftovers http://abigailsleftovers.wordpress.com
Abraham Piper Downhill Both Ways http://downhillbothways.com
Abraham Piper Twentytwo Words http://twentytwowords.com/
Amy K Splintered Kindling http://splinteredkindling.blogspot.com
Andy Gammons The Gammons Fam http://gammonsfam.blogspot.com
Anthony Bushnell Fully Alive In Christ! http://befullyaliveinchrist.blogspot.com/
Brian Tabb Bible Arc Blog http://www.biblearc.com/web/blogs/2/
Caryn Defining Moments http://carynsthoughts.blogspot.com/
Corrie Ayers To Run And Not Grow Weary http://mountupwitheagles.wordpress.com/
Halmar Living By Faith http://halmar.wordpress.com/
Harlan Paulson Means To Protect A Christian Marriage http://christandmarriageagree.blogspot.com
Harlan Paulson Singing and Praying the Psalms of David http://praisepsalms.blogspot.com/
Jessica Melling Ten Digit Lumber http://tendigitlumber.com
Jan Not Easy Being Green http://www.globeshift.blogspot.com/
Jenifer 3Here1There http://3here1there.wordpress.com
Jenna All The Way Home http://www.sewjenna.blogspot.com/
John Knight The Works Of God http://theworksofgod.com
John Piper Desiring God http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/Author/2_john_piper/
Jonathan Parnell Bible Arc Blog http://www.biblearc.com/web/blogs/6/
Josh Lewis Blog: Josh Lewis http://blog.joshlewis.org
Melissa Tending The Home Fires http://tending-home-fires.blogspot.com/
Not Just An Ordinary Life Julie Martindale http://blessedby10.blogspot.com/
Kanowitz Desired Haven http://kanowitzhaven.blogspot.com
Kenny Stokes Wilderness Mercies http://wildernessmercies.blogspot.com/
Mary Decker DakarDeckers http://dakardeckers.blogspot.com/
Matt Taylor Taylormatthews http://taylormatthews.blogspot.com
Mike Tong Never Hoot Alone http://neverhootalone.com/
Molly Piper Molly Piper http://mollypiper.com
Noel Piper Noel Piper http://noelpiper.com
Patty Broberg The Broberg Family http://pattynweldon.blogspot.com/
Phil Carlson philthecarl http://philthecarl.blogspot.com
Phil Carlson thecarpenterman http://www.thecarpenterman.com
Rob Hulson Rob Hulson http://robhulson.com
Ryan Golias Fighter Verses http://fighterverses.com
Ryan Golias The Renewed Imagination http://renewedimagination.blogspot.com/
Sam Crabtree Pastor Sam’s Blog http://www.hopeingod.org/news-events/news/pastor-sams-blog
Sara Shull Treasure From The Junk Drawer http://hopingingod.blogspot.com
Scott J The Blog Of Scott http://scottjisaok.wordpress.com
Scott Jamison Reponsible Father http://responsiblefather.com
Scott Jamison The Responsible Puppet https://jamsco.wordpress.com
Shaun Tabatt Bible Geek Gone Wild http://biblegeekgonewild.com
Steph Lewis Steph Lewis http://www.stephlewis.com
Team Global Diaconate http://globaldiaconate.wordpress.com/
Tyler Kenney Fighter Verses http://fighterverses.com
Yvette Hatchlings http://hatchlings.blogspot.com/
Grace In Focus http://graceinfocus.wordpress.com/
And a couple blogs from people who were recently Bethlehem Members
Dorothy Urban Servant http://urbanservant.blogspot.com
Bob Hayton Fundamentally Reformed http://www.fundamentallyreformed.com