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I have posted several lists of Aphoristic Lord Of The Rings Quotations and I thought I’d make a page to compile them all. Here it is.

Fellowship of the Ring (Book 1)
Fellowship of the Ring (Book 2)
The Two Towers (Book 3)
The Two Towers (Book 4)
Return of the King (Book 5)
Return of the King (Book 6)

Fellowship Of The Ring (Reread – Book 1)
Fellowship and Two Towers (Reread – Books 2-4)(More to come)

For completeness sake:
Quotes From The Movie Not In The Book

The Hobbit (Part 1)
The Hobbit (Part 2)
The Hobbit (Part 3)

We have three lawn mowers. Here is my comparison of two of them –

Positives of a Gas-Powered (Rotary) Mower Over A Push (Reel) Mower:

It is self propelling
It is wider and covers more area
It mulches better
It mows more completely
It doesn’t get stuck on sticks

Positives of a Push Mower over a Gas-Powered Mower:

Much less expensive
Doesn’t require gas
Easier to start
Less likely to chop off a finger
If a kid can push it, he can run it
Good exercise
Makes almost no noise.

My recommendation: If you have a small yard, go for the push mower.

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