Pastor Sam has recently posted a helpful list of ‘Troublesome’ words or phrases that Christians should avoid using. It’s a good list, but I’m thinking there a few more that could be added. So:

4 Other Thing Christians shouldn’t say:

1. Shoot! (or any of the words that are similar to swear words.) When I hear a fellow Christian yell this kind of word, I want to ask him/her, “Are you not aware that that word is only one step away from a word used by non-Christians to curse. A good Christian should be at least two steps away. So instead of Shoot, try Shoots! or Noot!

Other recommended at least two-off non-swear idioms
Oh, Your Gosh.

2. Certainly, Surely, or Obviously.  Nothing is certain, sure or obvious but God alone.  Put an “almost” in front or after these words.

3. Fuddruckers. Can’t you see the developers of the restaurant chain as they came up with this name. “Hee hee hee, if we name it that, people will say it wrong once in a while and say the really bad swear word. The teens will love us for causing their parents to slip up in such a dramatic manner.”

No. If you don’t say the name, it won’t be a possibility. Don’t fall into their trap. Just say “That restaurant that begins with an ‘F’” Everyone will know what you mean.

4. “A list on your blog should have more than 4 items.” My thought is this: a Christian, when dealing with a brother, should have more grace than to point this out, no matter how true it is.

Have I missed any?