About ten years ago there was a show on that my wife and I used to watch called Whose Line Is It Anyway, which was basically a series of funny improv experiments every Thursday night.

One of the skits they commonly did was “Three Headed Broadway Star” where three performers would sing a song they made up on the spot, each singing one word at a time.

I thought I’d show you one. Make sure you note the middle guy’s face.

I marvel that with no warning they are are able to –
(1) Make up a decent melody
(2) with a fairly coherant lyric
(3) which is funny and even sometimes,
(4) rhymes, and
(5) has a swelling theme in the middle and a quiet finish.

There is a set of comments here somewhere about songwriting here (notice for example that most of the melody has intervals of no more than one note), but I’m not going to spend your time (and mine) on that right now.

Did you like it?