So last weekend I was in a long line at Subway and I heard the guy 5 ahead of me say not-loudly but fairly urgently: Please, please, please, please!

He was trying to keep the guy from taking his sandwich out of the quick roaster oven. He said “Please finish his order and then take off your gloves before taking out mine.”

The ‘sandwich artist’ was confused and the customer noted that the other customer’s sandwich had pork.

The employee said “This isn’t pork” and his coworker whispered something to him, most likely pointing out that the pepperoni footlong sandwich he was creating did, in fact, contain pork. This second employee took off his gloves and took the sandwich out the oven himself and the first customer was satisfied.

This all took place in under 10 seconds and appeared to leave no one bothered.

A part of me wanted to think thoughts about the touchy customer – thoughts like ‘that’s goofy!”

But this line of thought made me nervous, given the odd religion-based specifications that I have for how I want to live. So I tried to refrain from prideful thoughts, mostly due to a line of thinking best described as ‘judge not that you be not judged’.