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From Minnesota Public Radio
Efforts To Stave Off Cholera in Haiti

World Vision is working in dozens of camps to provide simple things like soap and buckets. Other groups are taking dance and musical groups into slums and camps with shows that educate people about keeping water and sewage apart.
Come see the show recently voted “Musical Least Likely To Make It To Broadway”!

As I have mentioned multiple times over at my other blog . . .

At the beginning 2010, the JamFam, after setting a record of 92 picnic in 2009, made the goal of 100 picnics this year.

If all goes according to plan (and if it is God’s will) we will be going on our 100th picnic on Sunday (Oct 17). And we would love to share this historic picnic with others.

If you have a free afternoon on Sunday and would like to join us, please email, comment here or call us.

We’ll bring dessert!

When you want to honor John Lennon, say for his 70th birthday, don’t put the word ‘Imagine’ in the headline. For two reasons,

1. Come on, it’s like totally over done.
2. It is an implicit dissing of everyone who actually wants to believe in a religion, or something above us more than ‘only sky’.

Yes, I know I’m late on this one, so here are some headline suggestions for when it’s his 80th birthday:

1. Lennon’s songs all shine on
2. Fans come together to celebrate Lennon’s career
3. All we are saying is Lennon still rocks.
4. Lennon’s music still able to make us feel, um, free as a bird.

While switching through music channels, every time I happen to hear the same artist twice in a matter of minutes I think: Uh oh, this guy just died today and everyone’s playing tribute songs.


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