For those of you who actually go to my website (as opposed to subscribe and just see it on a reader) you may note a change in the look.

Since day one, my tagline has been this.

With An Eternal God, you can have it both ways. Anti-Calvinists say that they don’t like the idea that God is the Universal Puppetmaster. This description implies two ideas: (A) That God is in control of everything that happens, including each person’s choices. (B) That Humans are not responsible for anything they do. I reject one of these. See if you can guess which one. Please see my discussion on this in the ‘Both Ways’ category.

This has been a good intro – with content that helps a newcomer know where I’m am coming from theologically, but is somewhat unwieldy, to say the least. So I’ve changed it.

At 28 words (compared to 76), the new tagline is quite a bit more, shall we say, wieldy, if not as streamlined as the experts would recommend. What do you think? Should I just reduce it to the first sentence?