I have two goals for this post:

1. I want to recommend the new PBS Masterpiece Theater version of Sherlock. You can watch the first three episodes free right now for the next week. Go check it out. Warning: Not for kids.

2. I want to comment on a pivotal scene from the first episode “Study in Pink”.

This version of Sherlock describes himself as a “high-functioning sociopath” and most people who work with him are reasonably bothered by how distanced he is from normal human behavior.

They discover that the mystery word ‘Rachel’ (a key plot point) is actually the name of the stillborn daughter of the murdered woman. Sherlock Holmes is momentarily mystified. Watson tries to make a suggestion.

Watson: ‘Maybe he, I don’t know, talks to them? Maybe he used to the death of her daughter somehow.’
Sherlock: ‘It was ages ago, why would she still be upset?’

The room goes quiet. Everyone just stares at him.

Sherlock: “Not good?”
Watson: “A bit not good, yeah”

I see this as a shout out to Moms who have experienced stillborn loss.

I saw this and thought – the people who wrote this are sending a message:

Moms who have gone through this sadness, it is our opinion that anyone who doesn’t understand that your grief lasts a long time – people who don’t get that it is reasonable that you are still ‘upset’ – these people have significant personality deficiencies. Pay them no mind.

I appreciate this from the screenwriters. Good for them.