At my place of work, they have put mailboxes in the hallways. The other day I had an envelope that I wanted to place into one of them and there were two ladies standing next to the box. I was forced, against my will, to walk several inches out of my way so I could get it in there.

One of the ladies looked up and said, as if she meant it, “Sorry”.

My first thought was “Too little, too late, lady! I’ve lost untold milliseconds because of your reckless action!”

But then I thought, “I should show a more gracious spirit.”

So I said “Dear woman, while what you did here today was horrific and unconscionable, I will nevertheless resolve to find it in my heart to forgive you. It may take years for me to consider myself healed of this great wound, but I have faith that it will one day be accomplished in my life.”

I feel a little guilty when people apologize to me for an action that caused me no harm, is what I’m saying.